sábado, 30 de junho de 2012

There are thirty-one million five hundred and thirty thousand seconds in a year. A thousand milliseconds in a second. A million microseconds. A billion nanoseconds. And the one constant conecting nanoseconds to years, is change. The Universe, from atom to galaxy, is in perpetual state of flux. But, we, humans, don't like change. We fight it. It scares us. So, we create the illusion of stasis. We want to believe in a world at rest. The world of "right now". Yet, our great paradox remains the same: the moment we grasp "the now", that "now" is gone. We cling to snapshots, but life is moving-pictures. Each nanosecond different from the last. Time forces us to grow, to adapt. Because every time we blink our eyes, the world shifts beneath our feet.

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