quinta-feira, 14 de abril de 2011

#11 - Annabel

e finalmente, a ultima parte da história por detrás das músicas dos Alesana do álbum The Emptiness . espero que depois disto, tenham tido a curiosidade de ouvir e que tenham gostado tanto quanto eu :D portanto, aqui fica:

"The Artist is stabbed in his side with a dagger and finds himself in a room with Annabel holding a dagger in hand. From here on the story's point of view switches from The Artist to Annabel where she explains that The Artist had slowly been sinking into madness all this while, as he became more and more withdrawn and his sketches more and more violent. Though she loved him, in the end she had to take his life in the attempt to defend herself from him."

                               Alesana - Annabel

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