sábado, 9 de abril de 2011

#7 - Heavy Hangs The Albatross

"Finding it nearly impossible to come to grips with the emergence and confession of the Thespian, the Artist gives up on his fleeting fantasy that Annabel could still be alive. Without his vengeance, his anger, his insanity and without the chance of Annabel coming back from the dead, he attempts to decipher a way to join her in death. With thoughts of suicide on his mind, the Artist contemplates storming the town with a rage unmatched by anyone. He must draw out the Thespian to die heroically as he avenges the death of his lover. Wandering the town as the feeling of defeat weakens his every step, the Artist falls to his knees in an abandoned alley. Mere seconds before his plan comes to fruition, she appears."


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